1. Heles is better waifu material. Just saying.

    • you are banned

      • Hahaha, it’s true though. 😛

      • he is spreading heresy! Everyone knows that Sen is best waifu…


        she is best cat! meow!

        best erun waifu = Ferry
        best draph waifu = Naru
        best human waifu = Clarisse
        best harvin waifu = … YOU SICK PEDOS!

      • cagliostro is better than both.

  2. Oh my god that creampie. Also naked thigh highs can’t be beat. Great stuff as usual Rice!

  3. Translation? :3

    • “i’ll let you live if you can tell me what came first. ranch… or cool ranch?”

  4. woow imagine this whith Ahri <3

    • Oh no you didn’t

    • no thanks. lets just keep things separate.

  5. ;-; I love when you draw frontal nudes… I wish I could see more of that background in the third pic. Anyway, amazing job as always, 10/10

  6. but riec where am… arcade ahri? whern aracde ahri?? pleps rico. plzease giv arcade arhi. pleaseas

  7. It’s… Beautiful…

  8. Make one with Anthuria now!
    *just an idea*

  9. Hey Rice, i love your work, how abbout a D.va one ?

  10. Love that little nervous gulp in the first panel. Any chance of getting a translation for us ‘muricans?

      • the fishing islands belong to the chinese
      • Posted December 11, 2016 at 10:50 pm
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      tl roughly from top to bottom

      its sticky isn’t it
      captain’s thing is…
      it’s hard…and hot
      ほうしていいわ -> is it good like this? (cock in mouth or is the girl just a dirty american who can’t spell correctly)
      pueee….a lot came out, didn’t it
      are you really going to put something that big inside me?
      captain’s semen is overflowing!

      fucking disgusting but how are you going to sell this in japan if it’s not in japanese huh good point

  11. Oh dear lord I love the creampie!
    Keep up the good work!

  12. Need for translations. >.<

    • that guy’s translation up there is p accurate tho

      • Im blind ._.
        Is this gonna be available on patreon? My anticipation is killing meh. ;w;

      • you are anwsome

  13. I love your art! I would kill to see every scene as their own image xD

  14. is it a caracter coming for an anime or it’s an origial carater (if il come from an anime, can i know witch one ?)

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