just for fun


they really upgraded her chest size with this skin


  1. Unexpected, but not unwanted. She looks super cute with the freckles.

  2. W h e r e

  3. Frequent Uploads yay!

  4. Oh boy here comes the Lux collection.

  5. I freaking love you, perfect.

  6. I think Elementalist Lux is supposed to be a bit older, which explains the bigger bust… but whatever the case, this is an absolutely gorgeous picture. Nice work!

  7. can you make more lux?

  8. Prettiest lux i’ve seen, maybe we can get more of her. Enjoying regardless if it’s nsfw/sfw

  9. So when are these recent ones coming to the patreon?

    • That’s what I’m wondering…

  10. do you think you’ll be making the other forms of elementalist lux? that’d be so hot ­čś«

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