grand order HL

it’s a 6-man raid but two wet noodle waterlords died early so the guy in her butt is carrying by nuttin’ for 3



  2. as water main I’m t-t-triggered! You hurt my precious feelings and even that cute lewd Zooey can’t fix it ;_; only lewd summer Narmaya can help now

    also fun fact: Narmaya + Zooey = Overpowered duo when boss is overdrive state. I get huge nerd boner when 1 hp (thanks to Zooey) Naru triple attacks boss that’s in overdrive and suddenly she removes half of it’s hp.

    Truly best waifus

    • Naru is actually considered too slow in current dark meta. She’s been bumped down to A-tier due to abi1 speed, making her lose out to consistent attackers like Dark Jeanne and Six. that said, lewd Naru is clearly the way to go…

      • i really wanted to delete this comment because of the sheer amount of autism in it

        • these are your people rice. just let it happen.

  3. OMG this is so great
    Hope u can make more beautiful arts of her

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