kwahanisokalda cards 2018/2019

I’m growing more apathetic each year. I don’t know how many times I’ve copied and pasted this prompt:

Because I don’t think I’ve gained many followers this year, I’ll skip explaining what this is. Just something I do every year. I’m sort of hoping this means I’ll have fewer requests and be able to get all of them done again. As I’m not working night shift or out of town this year, there may be substantially less time and motivation to draw them.

The rules remain the same:

Shoot me an e-mail at christmas.panties[at] with your name, address, and a sketch request. Title it something that won’t be eaten by the spam filters.

1. Name can be whatever you want, just be aware of possible confiscation by mail and/or parental authorities

2. Address must be a real address; there’s a little more magic when you get something tangible over snail mail. You can sit in the drawthreads and wait patiently if all you want is something digital (I’m going to guess your success rate will be about the same). Please check the formatting and make sure it shows up on google maps or some sort of address checker.

3. REQUESTS: I’ll (try to) draw anything that’ll fit on a 4″x5″ card with a pencil. Waifus, husbandos, pets, sonic personas, reptilian fantasies, whatever. I’ll even write you a little note on the back letting you know how fucking weird you are. Just promise me you are of legal age to view whatever it is I’m drawing. Or have your parents ask for you, it’ll give them something to think about. Send me some references if it’s not something I can easily google up.

After that, just wait and maybe I’ll pick yours. I followed a semi-random order in choosing cards the last few years, and I’ll probably do the same this year. Friends first, then randomly pick at everybody else based on how I feel at the moment. Sometimes completely random, sometimes because it sounds like a fun request, sometimes because it sounds like a dumb request, sometimes because it sounds like a dumb person, and sometimes using a random number generator. Submitting your request early will increase your odds by a little bit, but not much. Last year I received 90 requests and somehow got through them all. Less likely to achieve something like that this year.

I’ll draw up until my Birthday and send them out on December 19th. Some people manage to receive theirs before Christmas, some take months, others weren’t chosen and will have to apologize to their waifus. I post a collage of completed cards sometime in late January after I get news most that most of the cards have arrived, or are destined to be lost forever.

I was thinking about setting up a donation box to offset the cost of postage (it’s usually $100+) and supplies, but anons have historically been very cheap, and I’m more likely to spend that money on beer than stamps. You may buy me a beer should we ever meet in real life (or not. A good portion of you I don’t think I want to actually meet.). The cards are free, trades not required (feel free to do so if you want).

Here’s last year’s collage:

2016 1 2 3


  1. E-mail sent! ^^ So glad you are doing this again this year!

  2. Thanks for doing this again this year.

  3. Oh cool, it’s that time of year again?

    Sent mine – thanks again for doing these this year!

  4. Received! Thanks again, Merry Kwahanisokalda!

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