It’s 2019. I’ve got no more jokes or pickup lines

I’m old and I don’t want to spend time thinking about a good title for posts. I just wanted to make sure Rice doesn’t completely take over the front page.

Cards are out, BTW. So yea. Crappy sketches in the snail mails. Except for that guy who thought I was rice again.


  1. I got mine! You’re probably right about some Nep fans being geb overflow, but I learned of the site through weee and her work on KS.

  2. …and so ends an era.

  3. YuruCamp one get, it’s awesome!

  4. damn rip that one guy

    post more dammit

  5. Thanks a ton for the cards! Such a cool thing to do

  6. You wondered how long they take to get to Russia. I received mine today, January 16th, so count the days yourself :^)
    (It sho~uldn’t have taken longer with a misspell in the address, since the postal code was correct)

  7. My card got here, to Russia, on January 16th. Count how many days it took yourself :^)
    Love your art <3

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