weekend things

finally figured out this shitty new editor

also the lewd things for lewd people

xiakha’s Capry
Rune Ocarina’s Cryska
Kiyohime for JK’s FGO book from C95


  1. Your art is as great as ever, totally love it!

  2. Selfy Elfy.

  3. I missed Kaleina <3 I'm glad she's back.

  4. Damn, son, you’ve been on fire lately.

  5. Kaleina needs a new phone. The Pixel is getting pretty long in the tooth.

  6. Seems like what’s being displayed isn’t the full resolution? Good stuff, nonetheless.

    • you would be correct, fixed it now

  7. By god Eric, if you drew Kaleina Snapchat pictures I think we would all have a meltdown

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