open wide


  1. This isn’t what I expected when I read the title

  2. I remember the first futa you did. It was on stream, you lost a bet or some shit. Right?

  3. I gotta say I hate futa, but shit… that looks nice anyways.
    Great work, I guess :v

    (non futa version would be fucking awesome tho… hihi, sorry)

  4. @RiceGnat I tried to PM you on Patreon, can you please respond.

    • i don’t know who you are, which message am i responding to

  5. Futa ain’t really my cup-of-tea, but it’s still a masterpiece.

    @RiceGnat To go off of what @someone said, I sent a thing to you via email. If you do decide to follow up with me, I would really appreciate it. My email is tezlakid[at-sign]gmail

    Thanks, and keep making awesome!

    • i already responded to your email

  6. I love this piece, would love to see more of this character, but don’t ever feel obligated to (^_^)

  7. Loved this character; love the song. Nice to see more of her. Thanks.

  8. This was the first futa art I have seen from you and though it might not be something you would normally do, it is great that you made this and is appreciated.

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