open wide


  1. This isn’t what I expected when I read the title

  2. I remember the first futa you did. It was on stream, you lost a bet or some shit. Right?

  3. I gotta say I hate futa, but shit… that looks nice anyways.
    Great work, I guess :v

    (non futa version would be fucking awesome tho… hihi, sorry)

  4. @RiceGnat I tried to PM you on Patreon, can you please respond.

    • i don’t know who you are, which message am i responding to

  5. Futa ain’t really my cup-of-tea, but it’s still a masterpiece.

    @RiceGnat To go off of what @someone said, I sent a thing to you via email. If you do decide to follow up with me, I would really appreciate it. My email is tezlakid[at-sign]gmail

    Thanks, and keep making awesome!

    • i already responded to your email

      • Really REALLY late reply on my part, but thanks for responding!

  6. I love this piece, would love to see more of this character, but don’t ever feel obligated to (^_^)

  7. Loved this character; love the song. Nice to see more of her. Thanks.

  8. This was the first futa art I have seen from you and though it might not be something you would normally do, it is great that you made this and is appreciated.

  9. Where is the straight version of this?, i seen a crop part of the straight version but want the full

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