If anybody actually visits this sketchblog, give me requests

Not that drawing yoko is a bad thing, but it’s usually a sign of inspiration running low. A default.


  1. Requests? How about Balalaika playing a balalaika? Awesome stuff, btw.

  2. The Anaru character from AnoHana has been pretty popular.

  3. i would like merry from dream eater marry ^-^



  4. I would request you to draw one of my original characters, Asuka. She’s 17 years old, and she’s my earth elemental. She could be wearing and doing anything you want! Cute, sexy, or whatever you like. :3

    references from some of my friends-





    visual specifics-
    Asuka’s hair is a light shade of green.
    Her eyes are a bit of a dark sky blue.
    Her hair usually covers her ears so you can’t see them.

    How does that sound? :3

  5. Awesome Yoko is awesome! Wish I could do that style but my OCD likes to kick in and make things clean. =__=

    And if I were to ask for a request, it would be an OC, so just showing support!

  6. suigintou drinking some yakult (sexily?)
    hatsune miku with a roland juno-60

  7. MP5K x 2

  8. Platinum the Trinity or Makoto Nanaya. Aww yeaahh.

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