if you can’t handle bear jokes

you better press paws

From the drawthread:

We thought it was all over:

But a hero came to save the day:

And for a while, we thought we were safe:

but were we?

Ending one:

ending two:

ending three:


  1. Credit to BB and other assorted drawfags

  2. Master CHief ending was best ending. I had a good laugh from you all when you posted this. Nice work.

  3. waaaaaaaaaatt
    This is the best post EVER!

  4. Why don’t you guys ask BB to join the blog?
    he’s a good artist, and a really a amiable and awesome guy.

    • He’s kind of a lone wolf, it seems.

    • the blog isn’t really a collection of drawfags.. just a loose group of friends. I didn’t even start drawfagging until after starting MW, and a good portion of the guys don’t post on 4chan.

  5. paws?


  6. Which draw thread might this be?

  7. A happy ending?

  8. I go away for a bit and drawthreads go back to being fun…

  9. Eva ending is canon

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