yep, panties in japan

stop hovering over this image

Akihabara has not been kind to my wallet.

With Comiket 82 in just a few more hours, I guess now’s the time to post my photos of the cosplays from day 3 of C80 last year.

Top to bottom; nano, rift, panties, pas

I’ll update with plenty more photos once the trip is over, but time is precious and sleep is even more so.

We’ll see you at Comiket!


  1. Dat Sonico mmmm

    There’s an Alice in Musicland Miku in those photos…was that really over a year ago? Time flies orz

  2. Man…I’ll never own that Sonico…

  3. awwwww yeah ~ :I

    • a sort of colorfag
    • Posted August 11, 2012 at 7:23 pm
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    I only like that solo Homura girl, the rest of the cosplayers are meh.

    Wasn’t comiket supposed to be filled with ultra hot cosplayers?

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