Medical Whiskey – A Retrospective

A brief look back on the beginnings of the sketchblog.

The early days of sssketch!

From the earliest point, the site started as a joint blog shared between myself, and another person named “Douggie”, who hosted the site at the time. Back then, the domain name was, and it was intended as a small sketchblog that we’d use to dump our sketches on and feel cool about ourselves.

The blog activity dwindled as both Douggie and myself posted less often, so in an attempt to revitalize the site I invited a few of my friends to post, which, as you might expect, did little to keep the blog active and in the end all dropped out.

As the end of 2010 drew closer, I vowed to pull the sketchblog out of inactivity, even if nobody else was looking, with the intention that I would use it as a place to post WIP images, rough sketches that would never be completed, and process posts and videos.

Nobody actually visited the sketchblog back then, so it was more just me vowing to myself that I’d make the blog more active.

It was around this time that the shared sketchblog between Shoji, panties and riftgarret went down, and knowing panties, I asked if he wanted to join the blog and keep me company. After the addition of panties in late 2010, rift, and shortly afterwards, kaname joined in early 2011.

[Trivia] The first time I met rift on pchat he mistook me for panties, as we both used the pencil tool.

We now had a fairly active sketchblog (largely due to panties contributions), though I’m fairly certain we were the only ones checking our own blog, which didn’t deter us from battling for the front page.

[Trivia] Only three people have ever gotten a 4 post combo chain on Medical Whiskey; panties, riftgarret, and myself (pretty sure panties has blocked every other attempt).

Expansion, addition, and the birth of Medical Whiskey

May 2011 saw the addition of Doyora and tetsu, with kek, dskN, magi34 and Nigiriushi joining in September 2011. By the end of 2011, 123stw, DeliciousOrange, Shoji, animetorr, Magister, and Doom joined the sketchblog, plans for an Artbook were in the works and we finally shifted domain to the current

[Trivia] The name “Medical Whiskey” was suggested by none other than Nigiriushi, after going through a random word generator. You can find some other suggested names in this post.

Under the new domain, the blog was rebranded and cleaned up, with rift implementing the livestream viewer that now sits on the sidebar.

[Trivia] The name for the artbook “VOCA-fi” was suggested by panties.

WIth more artists, collaborations, theme weeks and sketch sessions were now possible. Good times were had by all, and it was during this point that everyone really began to talk and interact.

[Trivia] We only ever made one attempt at co-ordinating a larger collaboration between all the artists, which never did get finished.

Tetsu, Pas, Doyora, Nigiriushi, Panties, Magister & Riftgarret

As 2012 crept onwards, the current artist roster was finalized with Spike, Ippus, raemz, and kaho joining the blog. By this stage, Medical Whiskey had grown to a size that I’d never previously imagined possible, so I made the decision to cap the member count and Medical Whiskey became what it is today.

And so we arrive at this current point in time. Many members have come and gone over the course of the sketchblog’s short existence. After having travelled to Japan and attending Comiket 82, completing and selling VOCA-fi and Fruitsポンチand finally getting to meet panties, rift and nano in person, I feel that now’s as good a time as any for me to take my leave, along with Nigiriushi and Spikewible, and pursue our own projects.

[Trivia] The “Fruitsポンチ” doujin sold out in the first 40 minutes of Comiket day 2. Given the small quantity we printed it in, it may well be the rarest doujin in the world.

Our view from behind the table, chopsticks holding our banner upwards, change in a cup, ready for Comiket 82.

Medical Whiskey will continue onwards, with panties as admin, ruling the blog with his iron fist and quality puns.

I feel that before I leave, there is something that perhaps requires some clarification. Medical Whiskey was never a drawfag blog, in fact the only artists who were drawfags before joining the blog are kek (kekekek/ke4), Nigirushi (Nanoha), Magister, dskN (duskNOISE), magi34, and myself (Zange).

[Trivia] I actually met nano (Nigiriushi) a long time ago, back when he posted under the Nanoha trip and I Zange, where we exchanged contact details for the ‘/a/ project’.

There is a strange misconception that Medical Whiskey was formed out of the “best” drawfags, when the reality was that most of the artists are not drawfags, and the ones who were I invited because I liked their art and wanted to learn from them and get to know them.

Medical Whiskey is not an elite drawing circle reserved for only the best. It’s a group of friends who draw and talk to each other. There are many skilled drawfags who never joined, JADF, Rpin, formerly-anon, and nias husbando to name just a few.

[Trivia] panties holds the highest post count on the blog, with myself in second, riftgarret third and magister in fourth.

I’ll be broadcasting one final livestream at just doodling/taking small requests, and also answering questions if anyone has them.

The stream will begin at this time:

Everyone who has ever been in my streams and watched or chilled and talked has been amazing. The amount of crazy ideas and encouragement I’ve recieved has been something I really enjoyed and am thankful for.

Aside from that, it’s been a good run. Peace out, and keep it classy.

– Pas


  1. Hoh? It’s saddening to hear you and the others are leaving, Pas. I’ll have to make sure I catch your final stream to say goodbye. I’ll definitely be there, especially considering how unexpected this was to me.

  2. What? This is too sudden…

    • Four tabs are greyed out now…it feels like death. You faggots have to keep in touch. ヽ(#`Д´)ノ

      • fuck I didn’t even notice that.

  3. Damn I didn’t think you and the others were leaving. So many good artists parting from this blog. In the last 3-5 months this has been my second most visited site (if you don’t count google spell checking) for a bunch of reason including the obvious art, comedy, battle of the front page, comments and lately livestreams. Honestly visiting this site is a major reason I decided to start learning to draw again (along with EU’s blog and livestream), so hopefully you will all keep arting in some way.

    You all have your reasons and I know they are good ones, which is why it’s easy for me to say good luck in your future endeavours and I wish you success in whatever you do.

    Hopefully I will catch some of the livestream or at least hear some of the Qs and As.

    • *correction i said 3-5 months and I just realised it’s more like since October last year.

  4. What, you’re never going to stream again either? Man, that’s disappointing. It’s sad to see you go, though this blog is an awesome place.

  5. a group of friends who draw and talk to each other except when they never talk to each other and don’t draw

    • yeah, whats up with that? Barely anybody post and we got like 16 artist here, lol. At least prove that you’re still alive…

  6. Just before you leave i just wanted to let you know it is because of this blog that gave me the kick i needed to start drawing from the beginning instead of just being a dam coward and saying “everyone is better than me and i will never be an awesome anime artist so y even try -_-” but ever since coming to this sight, i have been drawing so much and getting better by the day. I used to look at awesome artist and say “i hate you guyz for being so good” but it was my fault. This blog was so funny and helpful and you guyz answered all my questions whether on DA or here. It made me feel like pros are helping me and i feel like i can succeed because they are so nice. I have even started to stay over at me friends house for full weeks and draw non stop with our comedic senses of humor. It won’t be the same without you guyz and i guess what i’m trying to say is… Thank you :’3 Thank you for making this blog and bringing up my spirits. You have your reasons to leave and i respect that and i will miss all of you T^T
    Pas, btw, your the first artist i tried to copy and draw one of your pictures and that got me drawing like mad crazy from there on out. I love you guyz and keep in touch and drawing T^T
    I love you guyz Q.Q

    • a sort of colorfag
    • Posted August 27, 2012 at 5:13 pm
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    Sad to hear this, Pas, but hopefully I can catch your last stream.
    Thanks for the pretty (and sometimes lewd) pictures!

  7. D: school when stream on. Just absolutely…motherfking…
    Really pas? D:

  8. Dammit. I wanted you to post, but not like this. :/

  9. Sad to see you go, Pas.
    I remember finding your art through the troll-tan threads & board back when you were still Zange. I can’t even remember how I found the old site, but it’s been fun watching you guys draw (when it’s posted, anyway).

    Guess I can watch your streams, one last time.

  10. well Pas, youve had great times on the blog and i wish you good luck in your life ^^ i will forever remember the times when you had livestreams and we talked about so much random stuff 🙂 ill miss you…. 🙁

  11. Almost two years ago I stumbled upon the blog. A lot of memories on this thing. I’ve never personally had a big presence here; I’ve always watched from a distance. And I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that I’ll be sad to see you and the others leave. Though I always thought you had the best streams, heh. You’ve all been the greatest inspiration I’ve ever had. Things will change after this, and I’m looking forward to what’s in store, but I won’t forget all the memories and amazing things you contributed. Be well, and do good work.

    I’ll be seeing you, Pas.

  12. Sad to see you leaving…at least, I can at least wish you good luck your new adventures.
    I’ll try to catch the stream.

  13. Sad to see you leaving…at least, I can wish you good luck your new adventures.
    I’ll try to catch the stream.

  14. Thank you for all the good times.

  15. I always wondered why I was unceremoniously kicked from here. I guess I now know it was to make room for one of the new artists.

    That aside; I look forward to seeing where you, Nigi, and Spike go from here. I’m still happy I got to meet you guys; all thanks to this blog.

  16. Pas, how can we follow any future stuff you might do? are you gonna just drop art from here on out?

  17. Pas, it was a lot of fun watching you stream tonight. Best of luck in whatever you do!

    MERCI Du fond du coeur !!!

    • if I start drawing it is because of you
      I love you guys, you and your art> <
      I wish you all the happiness in the world and fortune.
      Thank you for everything!

  19. Oh Pas… I just got back from my vacations & saw your message ;A; and I’m really surprised to hear this coming from you, it makes me feel a little sad, cuz i’m gonna miss you so much.

    Yeah, I am sad to see you go, but I’m sure that you have a good reason for take this decision and I wish you all the best on your new journey, I’m so proud of you… So I wanted to let you know that you have always been an inspiration for me, thank you for everything pas, nano and spike, and from the bottom of my heart I thank you for building this wonderful place!

    We love you so much guys!! so please stay in touch!!

  20. I always wondered the origins of this circle. It’s kind of a shame you’re leaving as I was just getting to know you from your Pixiv, PM, your MW articles about art and streams.

    Regardless I want to keep in touch. MW might be headed by different people a few years from now but your words and your work have touched me in ways I couldn’t have imagined (like life changing ways). I am now a more active artists than simply one who did it once as a hobby.

  21. It was fun times man, even if we may not have had any interactions, it’s still sad to see you go but you it’s your decision and you know what to do with it, so go forward.

  22. Oh this is sudden news indeed.
    It’s been more than two years I’ve been following your sketchblog from the distance and very rarely participating in the comments (I think it was 2-3 times only).
    Pas, I’d like to express my thanks – and it seems I’m not the only one who feels the same – to give me inspiration and start drawing again. I think I’ve found you on Youtube with the sankaku drawing. Your drawing style has improved a lot since then, and it’s fun to look back.
    When I first found you and the sketchblog, I was amazed, hell, I’ve even bought an entry-level Wacom tablet. (I still draw better on paper, but whatever)
    I am sad I couldn’t watch your last livestream, but I was in vacation.
    Hope we’ll see some of you in DA/pixiv or either here in MW in the future.
    Once again, thanks!

  23. History, eh? Nice knowing the creator. Will be sure to check out as many old posts as possible.

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