vmat here!


I’m a new member of MW! xD

It’ been a while I don’t draw but I’ll post a random sketch I did today:



  1. Oh man ! i like it !!!

  2. Welcome aboard!

  3. A new member already? Sweet. Very cute drawing, hope to see more from you soon.

  4. Welcome, I like it too ^^

  5. hello there and welcome 😀

  6. You’re not a member of MW until you draw Yami Shoujo.

    • You may want to add porn, be it cute or not, to that.

  7. Nice, look forward to seeing more from you.

    • a sort of colorfag
    • Posted September 6, 2012 at 7:51 pm
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    nice panties…

  8. Welcome to Medical Whiskey

  9. Welcome to Medical whiskey my fellow drawer :3 We look forward to your posts. I luv u c:

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