Pas and Nano sitting in a tree….

Actually, it’s a boat.

We just heard about it (because cool kids are never the first to do things), but Pas and Nano have started a new blog:
As in music and shit. Or maybe it’s a pun for the preferred size of boobs. No wonder they didn’t take Magister with them. Or EU. Or any of us. ;_;
After wiping away the tears and eating an assortment of slightly curved popsicles to counteract the bitter emotions, I will indeed check out this purportedly cool blog. I was only told it was cool. I didn’t actually browse through and be entertained myself. Cool people don’t do that. Never. I was so nonchalant and cool. Like a fucking cool ass polar bear. When somebody finally tossed me the link I responded, “oh, cool bro. Not that I really care or anything or whatever. Shit’s like, all cool and he’s cool and maybe we’re still cool too….” If their blog turns into a yaoi story, I’m going to stop reading.

There’s also our buddies at CRU03:
I haven’t a clue what their name is supposed to mean
I think it’s a knockoff of EU03’s name or something. Like, they’re mini-clones with various traits of his. One makes really really bad jokes, one talks a lot in skype calls, another loves penis. Could be all just that hamblastoid character. You’ll hear one or more of them in our skype calls sometimes, when we feel like showing love for the commoners.

And there are some guys who want to kill us:
Starving artists
A rival drawfag group? I think most of MW doesn’t even participate in drawfaggotry? They were called “the poorman’s Medical Whiskey.” They must be in really deep levels of poverty. But we’ll take all challengers! As soon as they can afford socks. I don’t want to see them nasty homeless feet.

I don’t even know what to say about these guys:
Medical Tequila
I guess they’re something akin to our slightly retarded children. Pascal ovulated them during his final stream, but because they were immediately bastardized by his departure, they chose an alcoholic name similar to ours. (let it be known that whiskey is a far classier drink than the tequila of frat parties and bad trips to Mexico). We are not sure if we should coddle them or leave them in a trashcan behind the Wal-Mart. But they’re cute, I think I can love them.

Am I missing any other incestual or buddy blogs? A lot of members have their own personal blogs, so maybe check those out as well. But most of the time, I think we can provide all the awesome you need. So shut up, butts up, lube up, and let us hear your sweet screams.


  1. I agree – y’all are pretty dang good, to the point where you’re all inspiring me to learn how to draw! It’s gonna be hard, but I think I can do it! Thanks so much, you guys.

    • Never give up, Hamadyne. Sometimes the things that inspire you the most don’t work. Sometimes you spend days, weeks, working on something only to realize that you completely ignored some advice you should have followed earlier. Your work drive gets lost. Sometimes you just feel like shit when you see someone who’s a thousand times better than you. Sometimes you’re just depressed. Raise your head, bandage your bloodstained feet. Try again. Keep practicing. Keep drawing.

      • You have to keep trying to draw better. It’s the only effective way to block out the fact that little Asian girls will always be so much better at drawing.

      • Thanks – that means a lot, dude.

  2. Thanks for the referral.

  3. I didn’t think we’d really be considered rivals in any regard, but whatever floats everyone’s boats. If that’s the case I’ll force MW hearts and souls out by hand to feed upon them and gain your drawing stats and abilties if I need to. So yeah, watch out and all that jazz.

  4. after reading this, i also want to be a in a warmhearted group ;_;
    yea warmhearted, like everyone you referred somehow draws porn
    a little bit including me.

    so did pas “left” MW for the bflat blog?
    well at least somehow he is still out there ^^ ~

    • I’m not going to pretend to understand how or when bflat was planned, but we did not know about it before Pas and Nano left MW. We only found out about it when somebody tossed us the link from pixiv or dA, which was yesterday?

      Thought it was within courtesy to his fans to let everybody here know about it. Whether he wants to admit it or not, MW does have a shared history with him.

  5. HEY~! LISTEN~!!! OVER HERE~!!!!! Check this site out :3
    Just a little sister branch to medical Whiskey me and my friends made~!!!
    We all suck at drawing… but…. STILL~!!! This blog was made dedicated to Medical Whiskey and Pas :’3

    • what is this? I did not know pascal was pregnant. I want a DNA test.

  6. w-wha? ;u; asjkfhgasjlghffffhggkjdk i feel so exposed so exposed ;q;;; i also hope i’m the one who “makes really really bad jokes” because i know i’m not the one who “talks a lot in skype calls”… ;A;

    • If that is you, I really really REALLY hope I’m the one who talks a lot… :U

  7. This should just be turned into a “Links” page.

  8. I see.

    Pulse has also been posting on my shitty knockoff artblog,, which is basically a failed project at this point. It has a much cleverer knockoff name though.


    (I jest)

    • Sorry ^.^”>
      My site was made b4 Radicalwhimsy wen i was just in ur first site
      My bad~! Srry~! X3

      • Also i want to thank you for inviting me to ur blog and getting me started up :3
        Thx u for taking care of me :3
        I will still be posting on ur blog if thats ok with u :3

      • Damnit Pulse, I just can’t stay mad at you. Your drastic overuse of tildes and emoticons has reached my very soul, soothing my deep-seated feelings of depression and betrayal.

    • as much as i love the intent, i cannot link a dead blog. please strap on the rubber penis and pump some life into this.

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