Tutorial Stream and WIP

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in. Here is the WIP, and if you follow the reading I have embedded the video.

riftgarret on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

Totally stealing Pascal’s BFLAT format for posting videos :D.
Its ok. Child tested. Mother Approved.

I recommend the first 25ish minutes.

Please leave your feedback for future streams.
Panties has informed me of a good idea. Break up the streams into segments. (which means during the stream I need to turn off, save, turn on again).


  1. Do you have a link to the anatomy book you got rift? Also enjoyed the session very much!

    • This google image search has the title of the book in the search name. All those images are what I was using before (except i have the whole PDF)


  2. Thanks for the stream rift, it was helpful.

  3. Rift, can you mind posting the link to Kann and others from the streamchat? it doesn’t show up.

  4. Cheers, really enjoyed this video and learned a few things.

    One thing I’m wondering, how do you make the color wheel show up right in front in Clip Studio Paint? I can’t find a shortcut for it.

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