Tutorial Stream and WIP

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in. Here is the WIP, and if you follow the reading I have embedded the video.

riftgarret on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

Totally stealing Pascal’s BFLAT format for posting videos :D.
Its ok. Child tested. Mother Approved.

I recommend the first 25ish minutes.

Please leave your feedback for future streams.
Panties has informed me of a good idea. Break up the streams into segments. (which means during the stream I need to turn off, save, turn on again).

6 thoughts on “Tutorial Stream and WIP

  1. Cheers, really enjoyed this video and learned a few things.

    One thing I’m wondering, how do you make the color wheel show up right in front in Clip Studio Paint? I can’t find a shortcut for it.

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