Porn Wars 4 this Sunday

I said Saturday on the twitter. But it’s Sunday. Rape is always a surprise and there is no better day than the Sabbath.

So join us in worship and defilation through copulation of cute 2D butt. We will do our best to draw the predation of perfectly balanced posterior inflation. There will be no stipulation for consensual fornication. We do not ask permission to place our emissions on someone else’s creation.

So yea, guest character. Returning the favor for raemz. And because Cupcake has a nice ass.

Mass stream starts at approximately 5PM PST, event at 6PM.

8 thoughts on “Porn Wars 4 this Sunday

  1. Sunday not so cool for europeans but i don’t give a fk, won’t miss this one. Looking forward to it, I hope you manage to get 8+ artists together again

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