some drawers are more lewd than others

especially the ones that hold the underwear




Shinobu was also a popular request this year, with varying amounts of lewd.

Only one actually asked for donuts. One asked for Lewd. And a third left it up to me (I was thinking about drawing teenage or adult Shinobu -sort of regret not doing that). I could have tailored each one a bit more specifically to the requester, but with 72 other cards to draw, I went into mass production-mode.

In between wanting to be famous and pursuing largest returns of validation for least effort, there’s always an internal struggle to not forget humble beginnings. The main intent of the Christmas Card project was to draw specific requests for specific people. I think it’s a lot more special being a personal item rather than a mass produced piece for a larger audience. Sure, it will eventually be posted online and seen by possible thousands (I need to harvest my vanity), but the reason it was drawn was for one person.

Larger corporations and publicity managements are pretty good at faking the personal relationship. I think it would be a pretty interesting dynamic to read up on. Inside jokes that aren’t really inside, and niche panderings; there are probably many more subtle techniques that I’ve fallen for.

Anyways, there was surprisingly little conflict in me when I decided to just draw three Shinobus’ with donuts and distribute them at a later date. I guess I don’t love you guys as much as I used to.


  1. What if it’s panties holding panties? Would the lewdness levels even be measurable at that point?

    Massed produced or not I’d still appreciate it. As long as it had the officially licensed panties logo on it or something, it’d be just as good!

  2. I got the ecchi sketchy Shinobu pic in the middle~! ^w^
    I have not posted it anywhere on the web and i keep it safe cuz it’s mine~! ALL MINE~!!!!! MUHAHAHAHA~!
    Btw panties thx u and i luv it >w<

  3. My one was the least lewd OTL

    Still much appreciated! and easier to take out infront of others and proudly say, ” i got this for christmas!!”

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