I haven’t posted because I couldn’t make a pun

Instead, I made two.
I felt like it would have been two many.

I sometimes wonder about drawing holiday themed cards. I know it’s a Christmas card, so it fits the mood, but how well does it last through the rest of the year? Would it be more suitable, at least in terms of longevity, to draw something less specific to just one season of the year?

But oh well. My sketches are messy and rushed. The cards are free and of very little monetary value. And in a year’s time I’ll do another set. I think the disposability of my efforts is humbling and somewhat comfortable. In the end, it’s just a silly little thing that I do every year.

So even if the card gets lost in the mail, or gets wet in transit, or is found by your conservative parents and thrown out, or ends up in the hands of larger pervert with a greater sperm count; I’ll just be happy I did it. And if you should feel some concern over it, thanks.


  1. Whatever the final reason is, I’m grateful for the effort. It’s a cool card to display on the wall, and I’m looking forward to accumulating others. You done good, sir. You done good.

  2. My mom almost got it. She was looking through the mail and said “XPI Sigma” and I snatched that junk! Too close!

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