i suck at drawing bad drawings ;_;

Thanks streamers for helping me out draw out this crappy drawing ;__; it’s really hard!!! and i also learned some crazy stuff from rice. All done in photoshop man. Also this was done for my assignment since i have to create a fictional character and make them have a blog or something.


  1. Donut is looking super chou kawaii hrnrngrhgrnh

    I hope she outshines the rest of the class!

  2. This is the best thing.

  3. Effin’ saved.

  4. What do you mean about this being ‘hard’ to draw? Do you mean you draw so well that drawing something badly is difficult for you? That doesn’t make sense, but I can’t figure out what else you mean.

    • Whoa there don’t hurt yourself thinking about it. She means it’s difficult to draw believably and purposefully like a 5 year old after drawing correctly with knowledge and experience almost everyday for over 10 years.

    • Have you ever purposely tried to aim for a mediocre score on a free writing test? It’s kinda like that.

  5. Why’d it have to be a bad drawing?

  6. Wait, am I misunderstanding or is this really drawn in photoshop?

  7. Donut looks like she was a sad little girl. ;-;

  8. it hurts so bad my sides

    Thanks for the awesome stream yesterday :3

  9. lol noob 😉

    • also your fictional blog creeps me somehow out, to know that you’re behind this

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