Odd requests make me frustrated

But I don’t get mad, I just get Even.

I’m pretty open with what I draw on Christmas Cards. I have yet to turn down a request, and will hopefully not have to. I have yet to be asked to draw a furry (although I have approached dangerously close to the line between man and beast), nothing beyond R rating (although drawing XXX wouldn’t actually trouble me much), or completely uncomfortable genres. I do, however, receive a few strange ones every year. Stuff that I just don’t know what to do with:

“I would request a picture of a white chinchilla with gray spots and missing his left fore leg. My chinchilla of that description, named Kon, died this year and I miss him so it would be a nice card to get.”
Have my sympathy, but I wouldn’t even know what a chinchilla is if not for a random episode of Jackie Chan Adventures that I watched years ago. Drawing animals has also never been a strong point of mine, unless you’re asking for some midget horse shows made for kids but watched by middle aged men.

“draw a man/woman in a suit with black in stuff coming out of their eyes running away from a aplank of wood sticking out of he ground with a nail in it”
I was completely helpless. What? I think there was a mood or theme that I completely misunderstood on this one. Maybe it was supposed to look creepy? More comedic? I actually skipped this one and went back to it after I gave up trying to think of an interesting way to approach it.

“Person with antlers and a dino-person glaring at each other unforgivingly – slight holiday theme”
This was towards the end, so I didn’t think much of it and scribbled something out quickly. I could have probably done something a lot more fun with the request.

Rather than complain about requests that challenged my creative ability, I’m just frustrated at not being able to do more with them. I think if I had some more time, did fewer cards, or just put more thought into it… Any of these three cards could have turned out more interesting. If anything, I could have used more dynamic angles/poses. Artists get a lot of shit for drawing same-faced, same-posed, and just being uninteresting beyond the first impressions – and it is deserved to a point. Driven and paved roads are usually easier travel than new terrain. However, give the circumstances of still needing to draw 72 cards after these 3, and my marginal skills, I think I can be excused.

So don’t worry about asking for weird things, just don’t get disappointed by boring products.


  1. Sorry for difficult chinchilla request. It turned out well enough however. I was happy with it.

    • Also I asked before but did not get a reply. Is the return address on the envelope a legit address? Because I sent something back to that address but do not know if it will get to you or not.

      • Address should be correct, but things like to get lost on their way to my apartment; and don’t worry about the request. I actually thought it was kinda cool, I just feel like I failed at delivering it. At least by my own expectations and standards.

        • Well if you get a package from thinkgeek.com you didn’t order make a post so I can stop wondering if it will ever manage to make it or not. Why can’t they just give me a delivery report instead of making me worry forever?

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