Forgive me buddha

i dunno why but for some reason i draw a lot of butts and “:3″s on my notes


  1. Those are some asstounding notes.

  2. wouldnt it be butta your asking forgiveness too?

  3. all these opportunities for panties or thigh highs…

  4. Gotta admit, those sketches are pretty fantasstic.

  5. Forgiven

  6. I’m surprised I thought you would have drawn more in your margins 😐

    I don’t understand the abundance of :3 though..

    • i do, but for this particular class my teacher talks super fast and all the information is important…

      also :3c

      • I want to see notes for your other classes, I bet they’re like 90% doodles and 10% notes c:

        you should draw :3 faces on all the doodles too!

  7. A-ah, Raemz, why is everything protected on your other sites?

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