1. You okay? Was half afk during stream and wasnt there from start but you seemed kinda down and this picture reeks of depression haha..

  2. :'(

  3. Raemz, not sure what happened but I’m just here to tell you that, you’re always my source of inspiration and happiness (when I stalk your tweets and artworks). Relax and think positive, you always have the choice to be happy.

  4. I hope you feel better weee, if anything we are all here for you!

    also you should not watch TV like that it hurts and why would you even have a TV on your high bed

    • instead, watch TV while high in bed?

  5. I noticed you seem kind of depressed. If you’re going through tough times, and it can really get you to the bone. Just letting you know we’ve been through that too.

    The most important thing is to push forward, and I know you’re brave enough to overcome the challenges. We’re all rooting for you here!

  6. Great picture!

  7. Don’t fall into despair! That’s just what Monobear wants.

  8. Hang in there!

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