my penis moving on it’s own!

intuos4 feels so good i’ll never be able to go back to graphire4.

i camenormally i’d post these on twitter. but this is big news! i finally have an intuos! been using a graphire4 for the past few years and there really is a big difference!

i want to thank a very good friend for this wonderful gift. thank you so much. ;_;



  1. Congratulations!! : >

    Does using the multi-touch make your fingers tingle, too? : <

    • multitouch is only on the i5 chief

  2. Where’s your other hand… oh wait. Congratulations on the Intuos!

  3. i hadn’t tried pressing all the butts yet. i only played with the nipple a little. i’ll try it when i get home from work!

  4. Congratulations gebs~

    But now what will I do with my crusty one…

  5. Hope this means more lewds are going to be drawn and posted.

  6. sadasdasdas!!!
    Congrats my dearest gebby <3

  7. Congratulations Gebs!
    With great power comes lewd responsibilities.

  8. have fun and congratulations! <3
    the wheel-function is so nice for turning the canvas. i'd also recommend to use some protection. not sure if its really just this model but mine got many scratches after 1-2 weeks D: (didnt had that problem with my bamboo, so i dunno)

  9. Niiiiiiice.

    As the saying goes, the penis mightier than the sword.

  10. Have you programmed those shortcuts yet?

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