i work hard on night shifts

hitting the right gear is hard in the dark.

Sometimes I’ll draw scenery during my day shifts; it’s been a relatively safe thing to draw without exposing my power levels.

and then add a girl during nights when nobody is watching:

(don’t bother trying to find vanishing points or perspective -it won’t make sense)

(Real life is hard without horizontal flip)


and then I take it home or burn it before anybody can discover it. No one is allowed to know.

And I’ve been temporarily banned from the drawthreads because I suck at the photoshops:
(didn’t realize we weren’t safe even behind the spoilers)


  1. Employed people shouldn’t act like these hobbies are important to them. You don’t deserve them.

    • please expand. I am not sure I understand.

  2. Wow panties, these are really, really nice. I like’em!

  3. the first pic is simply amazing

  4. Why you hide them?

  5. Getting banned for spoilered NSFW

    4chan sucks now.

  6. Woha! You’ve improved so much Panties!!! You did an amazing work with these pictures! really love the second pic! <3

  7. even if these are just sketches they look really good!!

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