Some guys talk about the French Open as if they could have made it

But they all talk in past tennis
And in truth, they’ve never loved and lost
And now all they get served are bagels

Some waifu scribbles from last Friday:




  1. Wow! Congrats panties, you have succeeded where gainax failed, how to make old Yoko hot.

    • young yoko was cute,
      sensei yoko was meh,
      jacket yoko was hot,
      star-tits yoko was meh,
      suit yoko was hot,
      old yoko was meh.

      it was a roller coaster ride.

  2. is it a requirement to make puns to survive on mw, panties?
    i don’t think i could make it…

    • not with that attitude.
      There’s always a lewd pun to be found,
      Sometimes it’s just a little harder.

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