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all girls depicted in NSFW positions are (hopefully) over the age of consent, depending on your location. We care less about the boys.


  1. I don’t know why I read this but I sure don’t regret it.

  2. I love whoever came up with the ever so accurate descriptions.

  3. I’m likin’ this site a lot. Found it because of Kek/Pieceofshyst

  4. Got recommended to this site while seeking an illustrator for my LN.
    Found it in the Winter 2012 edition of http://nocturnesonline.blogspot.com.au
    Pleased to make your acquaintance! >_<

  5. I still smile on these descriptions. 🙂
    Keep going on ppl, been loving the site and ur production for liek a year now.

  6. Do you guys take submissions to join as an artist?

    • The quick answer would be no. There’s always exceptional cases where applicants demonstrate exorbitant proficiency in the modeling of thigh highs, are blessed with a huge fiscal generosity, or have a suspiciously large amount of incriminating evidence against us.

      Otherwise, we don’t actively recruit members or take applicants. We’re just friends that all happen to draw. But not being a member doesn’t mean you can’t be a friend. We’ll be your friend, you’ll be our friend, and we’ll share embarrassing stories to hold each other criminally negligent. Maybe we’ll even let our penises touch. Wouldn’t that be almost just as awesome?

      • Hi, me again.

        Here’s something if you want to see how good I can draw but I wouldn’t say this is anywhere my best work because my tablet is basically dieing on me 🙁


        If you don’t like it than it’s cool. Being friends sounds more than awesome.

  7. How does one become a member of MW?

  8. I wasn’t sure why I was reading this. Soon, I realized it: It was like reading pieces of myself, strewn about in different places under different names.

    Except it wasn’t. Because none of those are me. I need a drink.

  9. I just can’t begin to express how much you guys are my favourite artists of all time. Thank you for everything.

    Keep on doing what you are doing forever.

  10. you should make the whiskeysan off to the side a “return to top” button

    • if only we were smart enough to do something that ingenious. No, it will just stay there, mocking our ignorance.

  11. I came here looking for your DA page… do you have one?

  12. I bought both books and two prints from you guys which are framed and on my wall which is awesome. Was wondering if you would ever consider apparel in the future? T-shirts, Hoodies, ect. or even expanding merchandise assets. Awesome work, keep it up ladies and gents.

  13. Nice website, fun to read, probably fun people to hang around with, plus they deliver lots and lots of fap material. Literally heroes of the internet.

    P.S. Please give more Foxgirls, until I get my addiction under control…eventually…

  14. Does Gabyy-Terar have a commission sheet? I’ve been eyeing his work for a while. Is he open for them?

  15. I came here because I can’t find a full gallery of Ricegnat on ehentai.
    And now this is just a huge surprise, I found a Lot of great artists, that’s way more than I expected.
    This is a miracle I have to say, if you are friends who just happened to all draw….. And all of you guys happened to be top tier artists, this is just a miracle.
    I envy u guys.
    Nice work, keep up!

  16. Hey! I wanted to know if you take hentai commissions, me and a friend had an idea we would like to tell you, if you’re intrested please reply to my mail!

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