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Kwahanisokalda Cards 2017

I keep saying I should update Medical Whiskey more often. We’re all still alive.. just doing our own various things. But here we go. Thanksgiving has passed (in Canada). So, it is with much apprehension that I announce the start of 2017’s Christmas card run:

Because I don’t think I’ve gained many followers this year, I’ll skip explaining what this is. Just something I do every year. I’m sort of hoping this means I’ll have fewer requests and be able to get all of them done again. As I’m not working night shift or out of town this year, there may be substantially less time and motivation to draw them.

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A month ago.

Best Girl’s 10th anniversary was last month, so I did a drawing prompt thing.

Really helped me realize how long ago I peaked.

I’m just not the shitposter I once was

I stopped by the drawthread last week. Another one of those things I should do more of. But step one: draw shit.

I should start posting here again

no joke.

just been sort of pretending to be kinda busy with life, you know?



more like gay-a

NozoEri [NSFW]

Friends doing friendly things.


Voting gauntlet thighs! Because the match between Camilla and Lyn was the best (or the worst).