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foxy titties

sorry fellas arev snuck up on me before i could finish

or maybe i am just teasin’ y’all

fuck yes

my body was not ready for the news today
i was going to draw a lewd picture next but i didn’t have enough time so tomorrow

rice at AX

It’s almost time for AX! I’ll be at table J46 in the alley, waaay in the back.

New prints:
ahri-2015 ashe evelynn

Plus some from earlier this year:
leona-diana yukari ecaflip

And of course, I will have Crescendo for sale as well. Make sure you have an ID that proves you are 18+!

Swing by, and check the sticky post for everyone else’s locations. See y’all there!

what’s the biggest advantage of living in Switzerland?

Well, the flag is a big plus.

Everybody doing guest art has been setting the bar quite high, so I did a quick two page thingie for the book. I figure somebody’s gotta make an effort to look bad

There were a few ideas for the story, some even dumber than the one I settled on, but this was the only one I could cut down to one page of plot without being too awkward. Maybe it still is. Always cringey when reading your own stuff. Like watching your daughter at a talent show. If she were naked. And performing a sexual act. And also being watched by an audience of perverts. I’m the father of a stripper.

I shall title it “Banana Salad.”
Or the social commentary that is “Sex without consent is rape.”

Also behind the cut, the other equally dumb (but with slightly more production value) Ahri doujin I did for rice’s previous book. Maybe in three more books, these things will start looking half decent and be without typos.

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sharing is caring

the sequel to the last one
and perhaps the prequel to snowballing 😀

nom nom

ahri guest stars in sona’s show
this one’s another two-parter, so stay tuned~

now i have this idea of sona playing and ahri singing.. oh what i wouldn’t give to be a badass animator

so i heard you like league porn


this will probably be next since i’ve been meaning to make a print of these two for awhile now…

ahri kat sketch

on another note, we probably won’t be shipping out orders next week while we’re at sakura-con. all orders that have already been placed will be shipped out before then, though! we’ll be back on schedule once we’re back at homebase. see you guys there~ :3

toys at the institute pt 2

so after this very clever post title on r/leagueoflegends linking to my old preseason 3 pic
we have the followup and delivery…

items that didn’t make the cut for sex-toyification:
Atma’s Impaler
The Brutalizer
Rejuvenation Bead(s)
Statikk Shiv


birthday present for a friend it’s late but who cares right because lesbians


also i meant to upload this after AX last year but i forgot so here’s the final lost piece of ahri porn from tell me a secret


Happy bday Rice

it’s not a pun. It really is his birthday.

Here’s some Ahri I drew for other people, but today we’ll pretend like I drew it for this occasion.




This might ruin the surprised for the people who requested Ahri Christmas Cards, but you’ll just have to live with the fact that I don’t love you guys as much as Rice.