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Moe is hard

Tsumai will cook all your food.

Real talk though how do i animay

Obligatory Ahri.


tsumai tsumai2 fijasdlifjsdf

short hair

so this was a fairly random idea that occurred to me

short haired pettanko ahri

unexpectedly kawaii


pointy eared lesbians

what elf could be better?

8-8b elves ahri yuri

doodle dumps doodle dumps

Everyone draws Foxy Lady


what’s white and smells like squid?


it's feeding time

just squidding. it’s white octopus duh

first to start, last to finish. see you all at AX!! ;u;

Some girls are like a waterfall

Some stand next to a waterfall..

I guess Ahri is lucky she isn’t German

Otherwise she would have nein tails

But no worries, I have nine bananas to replace them.


Well, since everybody else is posting their teasers. I’ve already drawn plenty of Ahri porn at relatively low quality, so here’s another to add to the pile.

I’m going to buy up a bunch of copies and sell them on ebay at crazy markup. And then I’ll spend the profits on lewd drawings of your waifu.


So I suppose I should go ahead and properly announce now that the guest arts are coming in.


All dat Ahri porn is gonna be in an artbook to be sold at Anime Expo 2014 this year! It’ll be 28 pages (so far), JP B5 (doujin size), full color, and will include all the Ahris I’ve been drawing as well as guest art from cool people! I suppose panties will post some info soon about where we’ll be in the Alley. Swing by!

This does mean I will be stopping the constant stream of Ahri after I finish the book to focus on normal prints for AX, but rest assured I absolutely will do more in the future.

A shoutout to the r/Rule34LoL guys! I have in fact been reading your comments :3 I will probably do some of the other League girls as well don’t worry.

In the meantime have another firebutt


nine dicks for the nine tailed fox

ahri_1sfor rice’s artbook! :3

recording session

her new hit single


stay tuned folks