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why do you never see an elephant hiding in a tree?

because they’re very good at it

Oh, i got into Artist Alley at Anime North.

Also, a bunch of us will be at Sakuracon -but no table. If you have one and would enjoy our company, please leave a message. We liek to know which weirdoes to avoid.

platonic siblings playing video games on their new xbonestation 420 with quad HD and full virtual reality support


ey girl, what’s the difference between a cheeseburger and an erection?

You’re not giving me a cheeseburger right now.

I’ve been drawfagging for quite a few years now, at different levels of activity. At my peak, I was delivering over 20 waifu requests in one set of weekend waifu drawthreads (they were all quick sketches). It only took a few of us to hold down those weekend threads in the beginning. And when it was primarily MW doing the delivery, shit would get hilarious. Despite what danbooru would have you believe, MW didn’t start from the drawthreads. I wasn’t a drawfag until after MW’s formation.

But I loved the drawthreads and their petty drama. The validation of anons was quite invigorating. The gratitude, anger, entitlement, purity, and all those strange emotions people on the internet could have was part of the experience. It was all rather inconsequential and some of the anons didn’t get it. Or I didn’t get it. Maybe for some people, waifus really are serious business. If any neckbeards committed suicide due to my trolling, society can thank me with bottle of beer (I’m currently in a barley wine phase). I still do love them, to a lesser extent maybe -I don’t have the same amount of time and patience for it. Some things, however, never do change:


(the request: Kobori and the fairies watching wrestling)