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Printset for AX

I have a few prints that aren’t on here, retiring those but i found a few left of. Otherwise, If you want to pick up some SFW your-mother-wont-wish-she-aborted-you prints, I have some of that in the form of League Fanart. Table location on pinned post.

Come say hi, I’m just a dirty neck beard like the rest of us.



Anime Expo Artist Alley table locations

I was going to use some sort of pun for the title, but maybe I can be forgiven in the interest of making this post more accessible. Bring me some good puns at AX and I’ll use them for post titles, because I’m just about out of them. Bring me a pickup line and I’ll graciously get my hopes up and believe you.

Here’s the massive clusterfuck that is the AX artist alley:
But nobody really gives a fuck about the 200 or so other tables, right? RIGHT? You’re not interested in spending your time and attention on anybody but us, right? Because only we love you like you want to be loved. We know all about your mess of hot glued action figures of chinese cartoons. Only we truly appreciate the fashionable contrast of your ill-sized fedora to your greasy hair and ingrown stubble, sloping gently beneath your double chin. They won’t understand you like we do. Who else will unabashedly degrade you like the masochist you are and tell you to fuck off and die? NOBODY. BAAAAAKA.

So practice your best “m’lady,” wash your utility kilt, and head on over:
But please don’t try to touch us.

I17, I18 : panties, Riftgarret, Doyora, Ricegnat, Mochichu (MW headquarters, sorta)
I15, I16 : Ippus, Kaho
D58 : Gebyy, Raemz

What happens at AX

stays at AX

So I don’t really know what happened.

There were lots of people

I drew really weird things

We ate and got drunk

And there were nice memories made in between.

Medical Whiskey headquarters, Anime Expo 2013

We’re having a block party in the middle of artist alley:



We’ll do our best to pretend we don’t know you from the internet.

Ippus and Kaho will also be down at D56. And EU at B41.