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rice at AX

It’s almost time for AX! I’ll be at table J46 in the alley, waaay in the back.

New prints:
ahri-2015 ashe evelynn

Plus some from earlier this year:
leona-diana yukari ecaflip

And of course, I will have Crescendo for sale as well. Make sure you have an ID that proves you are 18+!

Swing by, and check the sticky post for everyone else’s locations. See y’all there!

supporting your adc

bot lane dynamics

getting ashe fed

i think this’ll be the last ones for the book! just gotta do the covers now.

get hype for AX people

toys at the institute pt 2

so after this very clever post title on r/leagueoflegends linking to my old preseason 3 pic
we have the followup and delivery…

items that didn’t make the cut for sex-toyification:
Atma’s Impaler
The Brutalizer
Rejuvenation Bead(s)
Statikk Shiv

Ashe and Lux fanart!

TuT’ Rifto asked me to post something and I have 2 league fanarts to show, I’m posting just some part of each one so if you want to see the final piece you can take a look at my deviantart!

ashe-byvmat_mw lux-byvmat_mw

My Aim…


Is fucking steady


As usual just dumping work in progresses for AX prints this time >.> I think imma just dump my happy prints here in some superstitious attempt for it to turn out well LOLOLOLOL

I love Ashe. I love Ashe. I really love Ashe.


It will have her bow when done LOLOL