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ls - karen

A quick Karen I drew on stream. I haven’t posted this anywhere but twitter. D:


a character design for doyo’s game





And a drawing of one of his characters for his other gameelizadeeeeethmimiiiibetter_than_nicoshinobuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuaoimirai

and some other stuff


some drawers are more lewd than others

especially the ones that hold the underwear




Shinobu was also a popular request this year, with varying amounts of lewd.

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i thought we had built up a stronger immunity to front page hijacking. but nope, looks like it’s just an immunity to /my/ front page hijacking.

that’s just sexist.

Bakemonogatari powahhh! piu piu piu piu!

I’M SO SORRY GUYS!! It’s been about two or three months since the last time I posted something here OTZ!!!!  I’ve been working a lot and have barely touched my tablet, but i really wanted to draw something, OTZ I miss you guys ;A; (panty, rift-sama, tetsu, pas!!!!! ;___;!!! please don’t forget meeeeeee OTZ) *hugsss*

Kanbaru with Hitagi at the top of the empire state

Girl-rilla (it’s a king kong joke!)

Commandeered rift’s stream for this.


Been wanting to do this drawing for a while, but couldn’t figure out a good angle/pose to use.

So, for now:

Sketch/lines after the cut
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Senjougahara Hitagi


I still owe panties a Hitagi…
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ATH W5000

During sakuracon, VOFAN said he likes kneesocks.

I agree with his tastes. BUT WHAT OF HEADPHONES? HEADPHONES.

pchat is down

Just after I finished these card requests too