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boob titorial

This is a simple boob tutorial I made on stream. Once you master this technique, it should only take you seconds to draw boobs! boobs tuts

I’m also making more tutorial-like stuff but they are available only on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/gebdrawspreview

I promise to deliver higher quality material in the future. The support is greatly appreciated!

more doodles

Just a few things I posted on Twitter:

24hoursurveillanceMy Accessory from Freedom Wars. If I could do lewd things to my Accessory forever, then I don’t care if my sentence in prison goes up millions of years. I really wanna draw more lewd things of her. Maybe I can get away with doing that at work…


futahakuA silly doodle that moved pass being a silly doodle. I’m new to futa so be gentle~


all fruit dietMore Ibuki x Mikan shenanigan. I meant to color this, but never got to it. Mikan means tangerine or something like that.

Happy belated Oppai Day

so in return, have these pair of boobs

Btw Sorry for not having finished all the pending requests that I owe you guys (nation & metalSamamon) gonna try to finish them as soon as i can! pinky promise


Need to clean my battle station cuz it’s all messy  but just for now i’m gonna leave this WIP right here :U