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Merry Kwahanisokalda Year!

Cards have gone out. 65 completed in total, with about 120 requests. That puts most people’s chances at about 50%. Better than last year.

I put them in the mailbox Dec 19th, but I forgot mail doesn’t get collected on Saturdays. I’ll be lucky if some cards make it to their destination before New Years.

Back in LA for the holidays, so I won’t know if I received any cards back until I return to Vancouver.

See you guys in the new year. I’m not planning on making any resolutions for it.



the christmas card collage

and there goes another year.

Target number and begin date for this year is unknown.

a break from clouds week

This will probably be the last of the cards, I’ll make the gigantic collage tomorrow or something.

Mondays must be the slow days

pacing is hard

landscape view

but no actual landscapes

continuing on…

I guess having at least two posts on the frontpage will have to satisfy me. Not all of us can be unemployed and draw all day.

blowing my load early

I think I’m just going to start posting the remaining cards five (?) at a time since it seems like they should have all arrived by now anyways. Don’t look if you don’t want your surprise ruined.

this year, i plan to make no resolutions

Yandere Yuno (Hidamari)


skullgilrs nurse

magi’s top image make me feel weird

girls and guns

Caricatures, sort of?

OC (yes I know the poses are starting to get a bit repetitive and stale)

FrankenFran. Why is there a dog? I do not know.