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i am told it is safe to resume flooding


OC + headphones

DM + headphones

fifteen and sixteen of sixty



do we get a signing bonus with relocation?

payable in non-loli and vanilla.

Yozakura Quartet Hime

BRS and DM


Realized a lot of the things making me cringe are probably from the lack of horizontal flip. I can only imagine how shitty the sketches I do at conventions are.

what? no retaliation post?

expected somebody to post within an hour of that last one. Is everybody already out drinking for the New Year?

continuing with cheap tricks for doing sketches: fill up background with robots and montage characters.

Danball Senki – Jin

Persona 4 – Naota

and here we go again

well, it turned out to be only a day and a half. Still slow in getting notifications of arrival, so front page flood will continue at half strength.


Lux and Akali (LoL)

Some cards not as proud of at a second glance.


now doing it one at a time? I think most people aren’t going to bother informing me of arrival.

Anyways, going to probably be without internet the next two days. Good luck trying to clean out the front page.

don’t. stop. me. now

the infamous pilo card

Dragons Crown Sorceress


having trouble updating. Internet connection is being pretty shitty here.

Funny how these didn’t look so lazy while I was drawing them.

and so it begins

I don’t know at what sort of frequency I’m going to be informed of cards’ arrivals. So posts might be anywhere from 2 to 5? Sounds like a nice round number. Leftovers will just have to wait until the end for the big compilation thing again.

So here we go:

OC (yes, the male species was involved this year)

Saber x Inori

christmas cards 2011 update

this is what 60 cards looks like:

and this is what 80 bucks worth of postage looks like: