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comm2 lrI’m on a roll today, it seems. This is another commission.

Gotta work on another!

Double posting is hard

sorry, still no nsfw content from me





Moe is hard

Tsumai will cook all your food.

Real talk though how do i animay

Obligatory Ahri.


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I dont draw and post enough.

I thought about puns for 5 minutes and just couldn’t think of Annie.

I asked my dog to send me lewds, but then i realized she was already naked. (This is why i am not punny.)

Some 5-10 minute quickies. I never felt like a part of MW because i never drew lewd things, this was the lewdest thing i could think of. Double the head-gear, double the ass-burgers. ha ha ha.


*slinks away*

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I’m so awkward.

Chopstick Catgirl

Was streaming it today, havent drawing desu in so long ;A; muchrust. much erase pantsu takeover. ahuecatgirlchopsticks