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kwahanisokalda cards 2018/2019

I’m growing more apathetic each year. I don’t know how many times I’ve copied and pasted this prompt:

Because I don’t think I’ve gained many followers this year, I’ll skip explaining what this is. Just something I do every year. I’m sort of hoping this means I’ll have fewer requests and be able to get all of them done again. As I’m not working night shift or out of town this year, there may be substantially less time and motivation to draw them.

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Christmas Cards 2015/2014


It’s that time of the year again, fags and dags. I’m appealing to my M tendencies and submitting myself to the mercy of your shitty ideas. It’s almost Christmas, and I deserve a little bit of sensual torture.

But it’s not even past Thanksgiving yet, you say? Well I’m in Canada. Halloween is the last major event before Christmas. We got a remembrance day, which is sort of like a veteran’s day for Canada (we don’t really fight wars, so we don’t have my veterans to celebrate). And drawing ur shit waifu is like fighting a war anyways.

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PSA: Christmas cards 2014 starting

Give me your name, address (formatted correctly), and request; and I’ll draw you a Christmas card.

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2013-2014 Cards Compilation

I was planning to slow play it, but I just couldn’t hold my load.

After the cut.

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sometimes, when the bathroom’s closed

urine trouble

I wonder if Christmas cards are a good way to measure the popularity of series throughout the years? It would be a bit skewed as people would tend to choose the western fandoms that I already associate with, or just lewd stuff that they would nmormally not be able to get somebody to draw, but even then, a couple hundred people is not too shabby of a sample size. In defense of the statistical viability, the diminishing number of Touhou requests is rather indicative of its current trend in the rest of the world as well.
Only two this year, and one was a freebie.

But, oddly enough, strike witches came strong this year:

saw an autistic kid drop something today

the conversation.

The pokemon requests this year were weird:

Always a few Aria requests too:

I wanted to use pickup lines for post titles instead

but I don’t drive a truck.

I have not drawn anything today or yesterday. But who cares; have cards; even some skullgirls:

I just saw a sad birthday cake

it was in tiers

Vocaloid requests were once again strong this year:




why is the circus so exciting?

Because it’s in tents

I don’t think I can continue using puns forever.

Surprisingly few gainax/trigger requests this year:



cute girls don’t fart either

always full of hot air

Even thought he Christmas cards were supposed to be light hearted and friendly, there was no escape from the blatant misogyny of participants:






Last year had 3 NSFW requests out of 75 cards. This year clocked 5 out of 108 cards. The future looks bleak.