2015-2016 Merry Kwahanisokalda Year cards collage


The complete collage is behind the cut.
I’ll post some of my favorites separately. There were some that turned out nice, others I wish I could have a second go at. But they’re out there, in the world somewhere.
USA: 38
Canada: 11
Japan: 1
Germany: 2
Czech Republic: 1
UK: 4
Netherlands: 1
South Korea: 1
Finland: 1
Australia: 2
Slovakia: 1
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Merry Kwahanisokalda Year!

Cards have gone out. 65 completed in total, with about 120 requests. That puts most people’s chances at about 50%. Better than last year.

I put them in the mailbox Dec 19th, but I forgot mail doesn’t get collected on Saturdays. I’ll be lucky if some cards make it to their destination before New Years.

Back in LA for the holidays, so I won’t know if I received any cards back until I return to Vancouver.

See you guys in the new year. I’m not planning on making any resolutions for it.



Christmas Cards 2015/2014


It’s that time of the year again, fags and dags. I’m appealing to my M tendencies and submitting myself to the mercy of your shitty ideas. It’s almost Christmas, and I deserve a little bit of sensual torture.

But it’s not even past Thanksgiving yet, you say? Well I’m in Canada. Halloween is the last major event before Christmas. We got a remembrance day, which is sort of like a veteran’s day for Canada (we don’t really fight wars, so we don’t have my veterans to celebrate). And drawing ur shit waifu is like fighting a war anyways.

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