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kwahanisokalda cards 2018/2019

I’m growing more apathetic each year. I don’t know how many times I’ve copied and pasted this prompt:

Because I don’t think I’ve gained many followers this year, I’ll skip explaining what this is. Just something I do every year. I’m sort of hoping this means I’ll have fewer requests and be able to get all of them done again. As I’m not working night shift or out of town this year, there may be substantially less time and motivation to draw them.

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Christmas/Kwahanisokalda Cards 2016

Merry Kwahanisokalda Cards 2016


If you haven’t noticed, my activity has dropped siginificantly this year thanks to various reasons. Mostly Overwatch and social upkeep. But Thanksgiving has passed (in Canada). So, it is with much apprehension that I announce the start of 2016’s Christmas card run.

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2015-2016 Merry Kwahanisokalda Year cards collage


The complete collage is behind the cut.
I’ll post some of my favorites separately. There were some that turned out nice, others I wish I could have a second go at. But they’re out there, in the world somewhere.
USA: 38
Canada: 11
Japan: 1
Germany: 2
Czech Republic: 1
UK: 4
Netherlands: 1
South Korea: 1
Finland: 1
Australia: 2
Slovakia: 1
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Merry Kwahanisokalda Year!

Cards have gone out. 65 completed in total, with about 120 requests. That puts most people’s chances at about 50%. Better than last year.

I put them in the mailbox Dec 19th, but I forgot mail doesn’t get collected on Saturdays. I’ll be lucky if some cards make it to their destination before New Years.

Back in LA for the holidays, so I won’t know if I received any cards back until I return to Vancouver.

See you guys in the new year. I’m not planning on making any resolutions for it.



Christmas Cards 2015/2014


It’s that time of the year again, fags and dags. I’m appealing to my M tendencies and submitting myself to the mercy of your shitty ideas. It’s almost Christmas, and I deserve a little bit of sensual torture.

But it’s not even past Thanksgiving yet, you say? Well I’m in Canada. Halloween is the last major event before Christmas. We got a remembrance day, which is sort of like a veteran’s day for Canada (we don’t really fight wars, so we don’t have my veterans to celebrate). And drawing ur shit waifu is like fighting a war anyways.

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