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Edit: i drew more and there’s no point making a new post for quick sketches.The post-it is there because I’m a failure. Luka is cut off because I’m a failure as well too.

You’re all filthy losers who need to fuck off

In other news I’m really bad at trying to fit in typography- didn’t want to cover the thighs.

Maybe I’ll find it within my ice cold basic bitch heart to color something one day.



They asked me how I stay young and lean

told them it wasn’t a huge issue.

Somehow, I thought 75 Cards would look a bit more impressive:

I’ve fapped many long sessions, but nothing prepared my fingers for the 6 hour folding and labeling session of the envelopes:
I folded and stuffed so many girls. Maybe your girl. Probably got more finger dexterity than Tchaikovsky and Ron Jeremy combined now.

Was only a couple cents away from the great mile marker as well:

And this is what I did on my birthday.

Why don’t turkeys live in coops?

Because they’re too big, they would need at least a sedan.

On the loneliest Thanksgiving of an isolated American in Canada, I find myself thankful for the faint warmth of spending it with my gifts to you:

(Yes, I actually use pencil board for their intended purpose. Crazy, eh?)

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Halloween is for kids and sluts

So I’ve decided to start Christmas early this year:
Just think, you’ll finally get a letter from a real human.
(Free Christmas Card thing I do to torture myself)

If you don’t have dA, you can try emailing me at medical.panties[at]gmail.com
If that email gets completely spammed and shut down, then you’re just shit out of luck.

one more before two-day truce

Since christmas is over…. I”ll dump the last of the christmas requests i did while unemployed:

Vita with a PS vita

BRS and laterns


now doing it one at a time? I think most people aren’t going to bother informing me of arrival.

Anyways, going to probably be without internet the next two days. Good luck trying to clean out the front page.

it’s christmas

stop fighting it

You’re only going to make the front page refresh rate extra ridiculous. Just enjoy your Christmas and my victory.

Well, I think I’ll be without internet for a couple days next week. So good luck with that.

there is no stopping the inevitable

if not for the shoddy internet at my parent’s house, I would have already initiated a hijack attempt

(seriously done with this drawing… a pain in the ass, this color stuff)

flood of christmas cards to begin within the next few days

60 cards destined to arrive in the next week or so. The front page will never be the same. be ready.

Until then, here’s some more random waifu-christmas requests
Rukia (Bleach)

Alisa (God Eater)