Edit: i drew more and there’s no point making a new post for quick sketches.The post-it is there because I’m a failure. Luka is cut off because I’m a failure as well too.

You’re all filthy losers who need to fuck off

In other news I’m really bad at trying to fit in typography- didn’t want to cover the thighs.

Maybe I’ll find it within my ice cold basic bitch heart to color something one day.



They asked me how I stay young and lean

told them it wasn’t a huge issue.

Somehow, I thought 75 Cards would look a bit more impressive:

I’ve fapped many long sessions, but nothing prepared my fingers for the 6 hour folding and labeling session of the envelopes:
I folded and stuffed so many girls. Maybe your girl. Probably got more finger dexterity than Tchaikovsky and Ron Jeremy combined now.

Was only a couple cents away from the great mile marker as well:

And this is what I did on my birthday.