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It’s no longer safe at the coffee shop

It’s the scene of many muggings

One of my favorite parts of pchatting has always been collabs, invited or not:

Stole the lines (with permission -kinda, there was no resistance) from Fen Fen on pchat:

I couldn’t figure out how to paint the dragon without looking like it had a broken neck, so the pose was changed. Later found out that the original color scheme intended was dark skin and light hair, which would probably have been a cuter rendition. Well damn, I guess my taste in character design still sucks.

I spent nine minutes thinking of a pun, but failed

So there are no puns in ten’d for this post.


Stole lines from an anon drawfag:

weabs read right to left

The wording is inverse

More stolen lines from the waifu drawthread!
These ones I cared less about for no particular reason!

two hats on the rack, one leaves early

he went on a head

Stole the lines from another drawfag:

I think I’m pretty good at writing puns

Just not very good at drawing him.

Oyasumi PunPun collab with KL (and some help from MW)

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pulling out of Japan

she said it wasn’t a safe day.

Guestbook at the Good Smile cafe in Akiba

small cons are kind of cute and fun


Minicomi was really really really small, but chill and enjoyable. Big thanks to anybody who stopped by, I’m not sure why I didn’t do commissions for cheaper. Maybe next time.

Some collabs I did with KL during downtime:

collab rift x panties

Was streaming this, but SAI lagged too much with xsplit (PS was out of the question). Time to build a new PC?

These poses, they make no sense. What’s she doing rift? WHAT IS SHE DOING???

Happy Halloween!

Collab between myself, panties and nanoha.

From left to right:

光少女 (Hikari Shoujo) – panties
影少女 (Kage Shoujo) – nigiriushi
闇少女 (Yami Shoujo) – Pas

Background was between myself and nano, but mostly nano.

i don’t need to tell jokes for collabs, right?

It’s not like they’re just /my/ drawings.

a halloween WIP between me and Pas:

With Pas starting the lines and I joining in afterwards:

back and forth for prelim colors:

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