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cons cons cons

Lots going on this weekend for any of you willing to leave your basements:

pan!ies & Kaho: Anime North (Toronto)
Ricegnat & Mochichu & Weee: Fanime (San Jose)
Magister: Momocon (Atlanta)
Godshot: Combobreaker (St. Charles, IL)

That’s four locations and two countries. And all of us would like some of your money. So go take your bi-monthly shower and have your mother drop you off at the nearest nerd convention with some allowance money. We won’t require eye contact for purchase. We’d prefer if you didn’t try.

I had a dog of a time finishing Inktober

it was ruff

I got a tweet saying this site isn’t dead and maybe we aren’t all just playing video games.


Anyways, too lazy to repost everything again, so follow the imgur link:
My inktober with some commentary