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I dont draw and post enough.

I thought about puns for 5 minutes and just couldn’t think of Annie.

I asked my dog to send me lewds, but then i realized she was already naked. (This is why i am not punny.)

Some 5-10 minute quickies. I never felt like a part of MW because i never drew lewd things, this was the lewdest thing i could think of. Double the head-gear, double the ass-burgers. ha ha ha.


*slinks away*

QLc0QkZ Tohaa8W xa86KpPblargh


I’m so awkward.


workdoodle_been a while since i got the chance to do one of these. it’s a bit messier than usual and it doesn’t really continue off from any of the others.

the joke is that holding hands is too lewd, so lets hold boobs instead. that’s how this idea came about.

that big brother character wont appear again. i just needed to fill up space in that corner.

using references

references 1references 2references 3i decided to do some doodling and then i thought of doing this again. not a tutorial, it’s more like a process of mine. welp, it’s back to work i go… vacation was fun. ;_;


you got a ryuko! time to make a gigantic print of this lololol

caught a ryukooo

More random doodles


cosoooblehAnd remember Kawaii titan is always watching you<33 yeah kawaiitan is watching at you on my thumbnail post MUAWAWAW *just look at the sidebar and wtf*


School is over! Huzzah!!

Celebratory doodle.


took me 100mins ish e_e;;dunno why it took me so long ORZ


Some girl from phantasy star etcetc