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Teach me

Wow my login still works.

Idk what I’m doing

Back to drawing animals and inanimate objects for the rest of 2018.


double fml

I dont draw and post enough.

I thought about puns for 5 minutes and just couldn’t think of Annie.

I asked my dog to send me lewds, but then i realized she was already naked. (This is why i am not punny.)

Some 5-10 minute quickies. I never felt like a part of MW because i never drew lewd things, this was the lewdest thing i could think of. Double the head-gear, double the ass-burgers. ha ha ha.


*slinks away*

QLc0QkZ Tohaa8W xa86KpPblargh


I’m so awkward.

School is over! Huzzah!!

Celebratory doodle.


took me 100mins ish e_e;;dunno why it took me so long ORZ


Some girl from phantasy star etcetc