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Secretary lady at work baked us some bread

took home the dough
now if only I could be a real provider with some bacon.

Been drawing random things at work lately. Sneaking it in while nobody else is in the office.
Don’t really like the pose I used for gurren lagann, I think a jump kick would have been cooler. Too lazy to fix.

2 dudes walk into a bar

get drunk

Saturday shift at work, free stationary.

Welp, thank god I didn’t go to school for animation.

some sharks will refuse to eat sea lions

especially if the seal is broken

Alcohol gives me the amazing powers of writing backwards.

if you can’t handle bear jokes

you better press paws

From the drawthread:

We thought it was all over:

But a hero came to save the day:

And for a while, we thought we were safe:

but were we?

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