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Illustration dump

owswimsuits rinarcher s OPMxUMARU s

I am so very tired. I wanted to do a vocaloid illustration too, but I am out of time.

See you guys at AX, table is at J34. Sharing the table with one of my BL-drawing friends.


want to go get some pizza?

not a pickup line, but equally as cheesy

twitter/stream requests March 20:

Himari Omamori


Inori in a box of bunnies

Jesus descending from heaven firing an assault rifle with the wrath of god

Casual Tamamo

I would say hey

but hay is for horses and I think you’re a fox.

I haven’t had any large periods of time to draw lately, so I’ve been taking quick sketch requests off twitter and sribbling out as many as I can before needing some sleep. March 14 and March 16 sessions:

“a crying Saber”

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are there 21 letters in the alphabet?

Oh right, I forgot U-R-A-Q-T

Being just about dried up and out of puns, I’ve decided to alternate with equally dry pickup lines. Let me know if you feel anything wet in your pants upon hearing them.



Richard got banned for posting selfies

the Dick pics were not appreciated

This was a while ago, but somebody suggested I draw girls doing normal things instead of the usual gun/headphones/gimmick. I was completely clueless to what it is normal girls actually do. They take selfies? That’s like their thing, right?



a male model paying for groceries

Goes to the self checkout aisle


Something I did for a Fate fanbook. I assume I was at the bottom end of artists invited.

weabs read right to left

The wording is inverse

More stolen lines from the waifu drawthread!
These ones I cared less about for no particular reason!

farmers have some wild parties

lettuce turnip the beets

I don’t exactly understand what’s going on with type moon anymore. Just drawing cute girls.





i hav alcohol in me. i cannot make bad jokes

i’m just really vain and trying to bump gigantzor boobs lower on the frontpage of sketchblog. PLEASE LOVE ME.