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sakuya taking it easy

this is now my default reaction image for anyone who draws glasses on a girl.

ATH-W5000, Converse All-Stars, ATH-A900, Nike Dunk Tiffany

Gumi Megpoid – ATH-W5000, Converse All-Stars
Miku Hatsune – ATH-A900, Nike Dunk Tiffany


Don’t worry, I won’t post guys here

Unless requested. When the day happens and I cave in to their perverse desires, feel free to vote me off the island.

But until then, more glasses:

glasses. the glasses.

why didn’t we have a tag for glasses?

just sneakers

will eventually have to polish some of these.

this looks easy enough

Thinking about turning this one into a print for AX:

the ones with guns

It was actually a pretty epic madoka jam on the pchat.


Don’t get much time to draw these days…

AKG k701 k702, MP5K MP5-RAS, Nike Dunk Jordan Pack

Wooser: AKG k702, MP5 RAS, Nike Dunk Jordan III
Darth Wooser: AKG k701, MP5k PDW, Nike Dunk Jordan VIII

Might be a WIP, but I’m not sure if I’ll polish it more any time soon. So done?
Suck at backgrounds, just threw something back there. Don’t know how to use brushes and filters.