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summer chloe

why are there so many brown girls named chloe


wow it’s been a long time since I actually posted here, here’s stuff I’ve done lately  (*´꒳`*)

also I’ll be at Metrocon in Tampa, FL from 8/3~8/6! ੭•̀ω•́)੭

Store update: Narumeia edition

Narumeia has been added to the store, available in tabloid print and playmat form.

If you have an order that has not shipped yet (especially preorders!) and would like to add items to it, do not place a new order! Contact us at medicalwhiskey {at} gmail with the email address you used to place the order and/or the PayPal transaction ID, and we will send you an invoice for the additional items.

All currently waiting orders will be shipping out very soon! Narumeia prints will be available to ship immediately. Narumeia playmats will have an additional preorder time for printing (about a week from now).


bonuses after the jump

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Store update: Granblue edition

New items up for preorder on the store! Preorders estimated to ship mid-June.

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grand order HL

it’s a 6-man raid but two wet noodle waterlords died early so the guy in her butt is carrying by nuttin’ for 3

summer cream

zoey taking some white damage to the face

podracer djeetas


also shibari swimsuit bea

4th fleet 4some & kchan not-quite-entirely-gaychan

c91 guest illusts c u dere ❤😂😍👌✌💕

c91 cover

comiket bois!! come see me and doyo at c91 day 3 (東ヵ19a)

collab with doyo for our book cover