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the usual from me, giant boobs and a jam


wow it’s been a long time since I actually posted here, here’s stuff I’ve done lately  (*´꒳`*)

also I’ll be at Metrocon in Tampa, FL from 8/3~8/6! ੭•̀ω•́)੭

Store update: Granblue edition

New items up for preorder on the store! Preorders estimated to ship mid-June.

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i had something i wanted to write for this but i can’t remember what it was

More GGs


Guilty Gearrsss

DizSfw elphelt Millia


I’m done

Managed to tear myself away from Resident Evil 6 to finish this up.
Larger resolution here.

Oh, how I dread to color all of these next.

How do I anchor


Larger resolution here.

So I found out that if you don’t know how to draw something, just fake a lot of detail and construction into it, and it will look somewhat realistic.
Dizzy next?

Someone stop me

I fixed the guitar.
Larger resolution here.

My anal tendencies are starting to show; these are progressively taking longer and longer…

Don’t you dare

Larger resolution here.

Yeah, I didn’t add the bear because it was ruining the composition.
I’m not going to make any further comments about this one, since I know you guys are loaded with them.