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Edit: i drew more and there’s no point making a new post for quick sketches.The post-it is there because I’m a failure. Luka is cut off because I’m a failure as well too.

You’re all filthy losers who need to fuck off

In other news I’m really bad at trying to fit in typography- didn’t want to cover the thighs.

Maybe I’ll find it within my ice cold basic bitch heart to color something one day.



I didn’t want to triple post

Miku’s just so fucking easy to draw holymoly.


Some ballpoint pen and digital doodlesrurururs.3 2

I once introduced red sauce to cheese sauce

it was a bond made in holy macaroni

A pchat break from drawing Christmas cards because I made no promises on how many I’d actually do:

An English Vocaloid that doesn’t sound embarrassing?

Because as much as I like Miku’s twintails, they’re a pain in the ass to paint.


TMA-1 AiAiAi, Chuck Taylors, Les Paul

should have paced out those waifu requests. Let it be known that I still had more drawings than pas even with fewer actual posts.

late cityscape week sketch. please ignore all that is wrong.


Pchat – Gumi

pew pew pew

outfit: http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/799639/5girls-alternate_costume-aqua_eyes-aqua_hair-blond

ATH-W5000, Converse All-Stars, ATH-A900, Nike Dunk Tiffany

Gumi Megpoid – ATH-W5000, Converse All-Stars
Miku Hatsune – ATH-A900, Nike Dunk Tiffany


easy medium hard brutal

Easy: sketch one character

Medium: sketch two character (same scene)

Hard: sketch two characters with landscape BG

Brutal: now add color and polish

glasses. the glasses.

why didn’t we have a tag for glasses?

just sneakers

will eventually have to polish some of these.