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Sakuracon iki something something

We will be there.


Ricegnat and I will have a table with league stuff, the other MW members might be selling some prints as well (If you can catch one of them and give them alotta cash maybe they’ll draw you something who knows)

Here’s my new prints+ full print list+ Rice’s new prints

who know if my prints will arrive down yonder at this point. (fuck you customs)

I think we are at table 407, who knows. I feel unclean posting my PG rated art here, will delete later.

dj_sona_rgb_small mf_arcade_color_final  sona_Arcade_colorfinla_small sun_and_moon_by_ricegnat-d8n9xc0printlist


Chopstick Catgirl

Was streaming it today, havent drawing desu in so long ;A; muchrust. much erase pantsu takeover. ahuecatgirlchopsticks


Someone asked me what my ideal weab character would be. This is pretty close. An Inu-youkai that  is moeblobs ;A;. Color scheme. It’ll be cool if someone else drew it. Ahue.

She wears loli clothes and streetfashion mainly.

Her name will be Inua for now until i find a better suited name ahue.

Sorry guys i dont draw desu



Its 2014 now apparently

I dont know where my time went but its slipping from me like butter. ;A;2013artmeme


Ippus, Doyora and I met up at NYCC and i ended up getting that Kurofag to draw me some delicious Kirino.

I will enjoy seeing you bitches weep.


His drawings are so desu in traditionals its kinda awesomes.


We bullied him into drawing us into moe desu girls uhu~



Also quick doodle of my Poketrainer from a few days ago. Beat the game and just collect clothes all day q_q.


August Anime Revolution 2013 Recap ( MW Meetup 2.0?)

Site was down, but i wanted to post this anyways.

So i saw my epic songtress idoru moeoriga-sama. I love her to death but she looks like one of the scary teachers i had from school. Fight or Flight reaction kept kicking in. Hajime is always happy though.


Pantsu led us into the depths of moeland (Asians everywhere) Everyone was giving his kawaii thigh highs knowing glances. She must frequent there often ‘^’


The stall of Takoyaki.


Obligatory food post. (From top left: Giant Takoyaki, Hotpot noodles, spicy noodles, red bean hedgehog! and shaved ice)


I drew, too bad it was at the con after Arev (random commissions) , but i figured since i dont draw animu ever i’d upload them anyways, who knows when the next time will be *n*

arevpost5 arevpost6




Everyone should come see us at the next con we congregate at :c and give us free food. Only if its delicious.

Anime revolution (AX2.0)

Posting here on my wordpress app huehuehue!




Manties’ and doomfest table isn’t set up yet because they’re a lazy lameass like that. It’s at Table 33 though!

Rift and magister are coming up too so this will totally be fun >w<~!